Electrification – Bees Knees or Frankenstein?

If the magic sustainable energy goal is electrification: The additional electricity will be generated by natural gas – a fossil fuel. Solar and Wind do not have the density nor reliability to actually produce. Not to mention the cost. Today let’s discuss if we really...

Testimony of Jamie Py – LD 1464

April 17, 2019 President of the Maine Energy Marketers Association BEFORE THE JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON Utilities, Energy, and Technology In Opposition to LD 1464. Senator  Lawrence, Representative Berry, and members of the Utilities, Energy and Technology ...

Oil Keeping the Lights On

Keeping the Lights On   Thank goodness for fuel oil which is helping provide both heat and power. Natural gas, hydro, coal, solar, and wind just can’t keep up with demand for electricity caused by the frigid temperatures

Legislative Update: Veto Day

Yesterday was “veto day,” which is when the Legislature took up the bills that the Governor had vetoed. I’d like to call your attention to the following two bills:

3% Income Tax Increase Must Go

The 3% increase in income tax for those making over $200,000 (including businesses) creates the highest income tax rate for those making up to $1,000,000 in the country. After you get over $1 million, California rates go higher than Maine. Maine will then be #2.