MEMA is excited to announce the relaunch of the highly successful Maine Heating Oil Equipment Rebate Program. This program is paid for with funds from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) and administered jointly by MEMA and Warm Thoughts Communications.

Increased Rebates on Oil-Fired Systems and Heating Oil Storage Tanks are Available Now!

Heating oil dealers can now secure equipment rebates up to $750 for customers who are installing new oilheat equipment. Mainers can now receive the following rebates:

  • $300 rebate when they install a new heating oil storage tank
  • $450 rebate when they install an oil-fired heating system that is higher efficiency than their existing system
  • $750 rebate when they install both a new heating oil storage tank and new, high-efficiency oilheat system.

Take Advantage of Rebates Immediately!

The program is open effective Wednesday, June 12th. This will be the first day that dealers will be able to complete work and submit a rebate application for a new heating oil system or a new heating oil tank, or both! Work completed before June 12th will not be eligible for a rebate.

The process is simple for customers and easy for dealers:

  1. Customer expresses interest in securing a rebate, or oil dealer makes customer aware of available rebates.
  2. Customer signs off on the job and receives the rebate from the dealer upfront.
  3. Work is completed.
  4. Dealer visits and completes the submission form. Dealer provides a W-9 (if it’s the first time submitting a rebate), customer information, company information and for equipment rebates, the make and model information of the old and new system for efficiency calculation purposes.
  5. Dealer receives the rebate reimbursement from NORA within a few weeks.

We are excited about the relaunch of Maine’s NORA-funded Equipment Rebate Program and hope that you will take full advantage of your NORA funding!