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  • Minimum Wages Increase in 20 States January 13, 2021
    Twenty states have raised their minimum wage rates for the new year to adjust for cost-of-living gains or to slowly move toward larger goals, such as a $15-an-hour minimum pay, CNN reports. This impacts a variety of employees and employers within the foodservice and entertainment industries.
  • Webinar: Bioheat<sup>®</sup> Fuel Marketing for Everyone — New Messaging for a Renewable Future January 13, 2021
    About the Presentation: No matter where your company is located, government officials and homeowners are considering new ways to reduce carbon emissions, with or without statewide legislation. Clean energy is also a priority of the new Biden administration, and just about every plan out there is looking to electrify home heating! Oilheat and Bioheat® fuel […]
  • Matters Delves Into What Retailers Need To Know for the COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout January 13, 2021
    This week, NACS released a timely and bonus episode of its popular Convenience Matters podcast series to help the industry plan for the COVID-19 vaccination rollout for essential employees. Anna Ready Blom, director of government relations at NACS, shared the latest information on how the vaccine is being distributed and the prioritization process.
  • The Crisis of the She-cession and What Employers Can Do to Address It January 13, 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely, and negatively, impacted women in the workforce. Female dominated industries have been particularly hard hit and the support system that women rely on has collapsed. In this conversation, we will discuss the workforce crisis dubbed the she-cession, and explore ways employers can address it heard on in 2021 and beyond.
  • The Future of Work: Assessing the Long-Term Impacts of COVID in the Workplace January 13, 2021
    In this conversation we will explore the benchmarks and policies needed to help employees safely return to the workplace. We will consider the merits of workplace vaccination policies, how organizations will navigate who can continue to work remotely vs. who must return to the office, and address compliance concerns relating to CDC, OSHA, and state […]
  • Developments Come To Fruition for the Propane Industry January 13, 2021
    The propane industry is gaining significant ground on the technology front. In an industry that is largely recognized as down-to-earth and traditional, favoring human-to-human interactions, there has been no shortage of innovation and cutting-edge technology developments. With a growing number of people looking to alternative fuels to lower greenhouse gas emissions, propane offers a much-needed […]
  • Bill for Legislature Is Designed To Protect Mainers During the Pandemic January 13, 2021
    Maine Senate President Troy Jackson and Speaker of the House Ryan Fecteau plan to unveil the first bill of the 130th Maine Legislature at a press conference on Monday.
  • Ray Murray, Inc. Announces New Corporate Vice Presidents January 13, 2021
    Mike Hopsicker, President & CEO of Ray Murray, Inc. is pleased to announce two new Vice Presidents named to the leadership team at RMI. Casey Harvey has been promoted to Vice President of Sales, and Scott Porter has assumed the role of Vice President of Operations on RMI.
  • OSHA Citations: What Employers Should Know January 13, 2021
    Each year, OSHA releases a summary of their list of Top Ten workplace safety violations. This webinar will take a look at OSHA's Top Ten violations in 2020. More importantly, however, we will focus on risk management policies, procedures, and training resources to implement and help reduce employee accidents and injuries!
  • Northern New England Energy Conference January 13, 2021
    Save the Date! June 13-15, 2021 at the Incredible Omni Mount Washington.
  • Power Grid Creaks at Risk of Blackouts January 13, 2021
    The U.K. power market is showing signs of strain. For the fourth time this winter National Grid Plc warned that the buffer needed to ensure security of supply and keep the lights on was too small.
  • Fuel Your Love! January 13, 2021
    Since 2016, MEMA has celebrated Valentine's Day with its Fuel Your Love promotion, which continues to gain more exposure and support throughout the State each year. In 2019 and 2020, the Fuel Your Love campaign reached hundreds of thousands of households across the state via TV stories, news articles and social media sharing. This promotion […]
  • Meet the grads and contact them for interviews! January 13, 2021
    MTEC Graduates page.
  • MEMA MAG Ads! January 13, 2021
    The next Edition of the MEMA MAG is Underway. Submit your ads and articles or view our pricing guide!
  • Stay Up To Date on What's Going on in Augusta With Megan Diver's Legislative Updates January 13, 2021
    MEMA will be publishing our Legislative Update each week throughout the session, keeping you informed with news from the Administration, the Legislature and any other timely news that may be of interest to you that’s happening in Augusta. Additionally, updates will include what committee hearings and meetings are being held during the week. NEW LEGISLATIVE […]
  • Brunswick Company Tests BioFuel Rocket Engine January 13, 2021
    BluShift Aerospace has created a prototype rocket engine to power the first commercial launch of a rocket powered by bio-derived fuel anywhere in the world.