We have all come a long way from the days of standing at the end of a driveway and looking at a house through our outstretched hand to see how many fingers it takes to cover a house in order to determine if it needs a 3, 4 or 5 section boiler. We have also moved away from the sizing philosophy of bigger is better. Technology, efficiency demands and accurate design tools have moved us to much improved methods.

Modern heating systems are becoming more diverse. Often using multiple temperatures, multiple zones and combinations of hydronic and ducted heating and cooling. Energy efficiency and total comfort are making systems more complex and mixing in many different options, for even the most basic homes. The days of two zone, high temperature, hot water baseboard or single zone, ducted systems are moving away from the norm. End users now have higher expectations and are more educated in what is available. Systems using oil, propane, natural gas, solid fuel or electricity can all offer a variety of reasonable and reliable options that offer improved efficiency, temperature control and comfort.

Performing a proper heat loss or gain is more important than ever. Not only is this mandated by State Code, but it is extremely important to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for a home or business owner. How many times have you walked into a basement to find a boiler or furnace that was improperly sized for attached the heat load? How often have you seen a condenser and coil that is iced up due to improperly sized ductwork?  How many calls do you get for short cycling or for a unit that never shuts off and the homeowner is uncomfortable and angry? How many of these systems do you think had careful thought and planning put into them before they were installed?

Proper system design and layout is more important than ever before. Modern equipment and technology are far less forgiving. Knowing the options for various applications, knowing what is available and knowing how to integrate all the components properly are all integral parts of the system design. Proper piping layouts, duct design, temperature selections and control strategies need to be considered and need to be accurate. The end goal needs to be to maximize efficiency and provide total comfort. Happy customers keep us all profitable.

Plumbing, Heating & HVAC wholesalers can provide all of these services. In fact they generally do not even charge for these services and have highly skilled and trained staff performing these services. They will even customize systems to include the components you prefer. Wholesalers have the latest heat loss programs available and have the knowledge to make sure the calculations are accurate. The Granite Group uses current versions of Uponor Loop Cad, Slant Fin Baseboard design & Wrightsoft HVAC Design, as well as direct access to product manufacturing engineers and reps. It is important to get the sizing, layout and design right the first time. House age, location, blueprint and insulation factors can make a big difference in design results and options. The right questions need to be asked to make sure the right choices are being made. A good wholesaler will make suggestions and provide training on how to make the most out of the equipment that is available.

Having a professional heat loss and design will set you apart from the competition. Take advantage of wholesale relationships and ask questions and learn. A wholesaler will be able to provide a complete btu report, layout equipment, piping and electrical diagrams and will be available to help answer questions and troubleshoot, as needed. Build strong relationships with your wholesaler and stick with a company you feel confident with and can trust. Shopping for the low price or buying from a web based dealer does not always get you the best overall value. The relationships you build are what will pay dividends.  Wholesalers are here to make this process and your job easier and to help eliminate questions before the job begins. Let your wholesaler help you be successful and keep you in the field doing what you are best at.

Next time you are in your favorite Plumbing, Heating & HVAC wholesaler come on in, beyond the counter, and let us show you what we can do.