By Matt Curren

PORTLAND (WGME) – The high price of energy is turning into a factor in this fall’s elections, with a new survey showing strong support in Maine to not follow California’s lead when it comes to accelerating efforts to “go green.”

California recently passed a new law saying all new cars on the roads must be electric by 2035

The Maine Energy Marketers Association, which represents the fuel industry, says that while climate change is a real issue, so are the prices people pay at the pump and to heat their homes, and that efforts to restrict those choices too quickly will push up energy prices even more.

They released the results of a new poll showing 87 percent of Mainers want lawmakers to protect those choices, and they asked candidates to sign a pledge promising to do that

Now they say many candidates, including both Democrat Janet Mills and Republican Paul LePage in the governor’s race, have signed that pledge.

“This is one issue where you’re seeing Republicans and Democrats stand up together, and that’s very, very important,” Charlie Summers of the Maine Energy Marketers Association said. “And that’s very heartening, not just for our industry, but for Mainers in general, because people, again, they want to be able to make a decision on their own, and given that ability, they’ll make a good decision.”

Summers says more than 70 candidates, including Jared Golden and Bruce Poliquin in the second district, have signed the pledge.