The following was received from PMAA….

To: PMAA Association Executives, Board of Directors and Executive Committee

  1. See attached template that PMAA State Association Executives can use to request state UST enforcement discretion.
  2. Click here for a downloaded template for owners and managers to provide guidance in creating company protocols regarding COVID-19 to use internally and with business partners.  The template can also be used with terminal operators who require such documentation in support of their own expanded protocols to protect their employees.
  3. Worldpay Update: States who have endorsed Worldpay will be receiving a check from PMAA regarding the residuals paid out for the entire 2019 calendar year.  We apologize for the delay, but it has taken some time to receive the final 2019 residuals report.  PMAA took the total number of transactions for each state who endorsed Worldpay in 2019 and multiplied it by 0.006 to get to the final payout number which is reflected in the attached pdf.

As you know, Worldpay merged with FIS last March which caused problems for existing Worldpay merchants.  We have used our best efforts to work with Worldpay to get accurate reporting, and so far, all Worldpay’s residual payments match PMAA’s bank account. If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please contact Gerry Ramm at or on his cell at (509)-750-1626.

The PMAA Executive Committee believes it is in the best interest of PMAA to continue its partnership with Worldpay as we have a very strong residual payment stream coming to PMAA.  I also encourage all state associations to consider endorsing Worldpay as their exclusive credit card program provider.  Worldpay is a significant player in the un-branded and mid-tier payments industry and leader in value-added services.  Keep in mind that if your members have businesses outside the petroleum marketing class of trade, they will also be eligible for the lower $0.029 cent transaction fee.  Click here for more information and to sign up through our online portal.