Emergency Proclamation Service Hours Extended – PRINTABLE COPY OF DECLARATION! 

Please keep this in every vehicle out for delivery.


MEMA Members,

The Governor has just signed the Declaration of Emergency waiving the HOS. We do not yet have a copy as the actual document needs to be certified by the Secretary of State.

It is only good until next Friday. January 5, 2018.

The Governor’s reticence is, as The Governor told Steve McGrath, based on his belief that when he signs a waiver, the price of oil goes up for customers. He has tasked Steve McGrath, the Governor’s Energy Director to research this perceived correlation and to see if signing the waiver is the causation.

We do appreciate the waiver from the Governor and thank him for understanding the emergency situation before us. We will send the Declaration when we receive it and post to our website.

Have a great New Year.

Thank you.

Jamie Py