PORTLAND (WGME) – While fuel prices drop, so do fuel supplies.

Diesel and heating oil supplies in the Northeast are more than 50 percent below the recent average, according to the Department of Energy.

Levels are down for multiple reasons, including the war in Ukraine, and the Department of Energy says it’s the worst in the Northeast, where fuel demand is the highest during the winter.

Charlie Summers with the Maine Energy Marketers’ Association says Mainers shouldn’t worry that there won’t be enough oil to go around but says now is a good time to lock in your deliveries for the winter

“You should reach out to your fuel retailers, set up a budget plan, if they’re offering automatic delivery, get on automatic delivery,” Summers said. “The good news is here in Maine, in southern Maine and Bangor, we have storage farms and we have never had a problem with having enough product for our customers.”

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is holding a meeting with New England governors after Labor Day to talk about the situation.