Both chambers of the Maine Legislature met on April 25th for the final regular meeting of the 130th Legislature. Lawmakers were supposed to adjourn on Wednesday, April 20th, statutory adjournment day, but voted to extend session one extra day to address $12 million in funding of items on the special appropriations table as part of the supplemental budget deal. The 130th Maine Legislature almost adjourned on Monday, but plan to return for one last day in May to complete their work

Following work done by the Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs last Friday, the Senate moved a number of bills to receive funding off of the special appropriations table and voted for final passage.

Though the supplemental budget contained only $12 million in unallocated funding, the legislature voted to approve over $40 million in funding on Monday. The funds needed to spend in excess of the agreed upon $12 million were taken from other existing state government funds, including those related to liquor, marijuana, Medicare, and the Office of the Attorney General.

In total, the Senate removed around 90 bills from the special appropriations table. It removed and finally enacted 30 pieces of legislation. The Senate removed approximately 60 additional bills from the special appropriations table for amendment, many of which contained appropriations providing roughly $27 million in funding from sources other than the General Fund.

All bills taken off the special appropriations table during the final day of the session were finally passed by the Senate and will be sent to Governor Janet Mills for signature or veto.

The 130th Maine State Legislature left the Statehouse on Monday night having completed most of their work. Legislators will return on May 9th for what should be one last day “veto day” to consider any vetoes Governor Janet Mills may issue between now and then. They may also address a few other items that have been left undealt with if they choose to. Regardless, it is expected the Legislature will adjourn “sine die” on Monday, May 9th.