by Leslie Anderson

The Propane Gas Association of New England (PGANE) recently introduced a new messaging campaign designed specifically to educate policymakers in the region. The campaign materials are housed in newly designed legislative folders. PGANE is asking each of our members to reach out to their local state legislators and invite them to visit their branch offices. Our businesses cover the state and if we are going to make headway in Augusta, we need our members to participate. Each folder contains an infographic on propane’s economic contribution, a flyer on clean air, a handout titled “Renewable Secure Propane,” and instructions on showcasing your business to elected officials. The reception has been terrific, with members loving the new images and materials. We desperately needed strong attention-grabbing graphics that illustrate propane’s environmental message. Our new imagery — a globe wrapped around a propane cylinder with a green valve — has been very effective in this regard.

Propane has a fantastic environmental message to share.  Around the world propane is fighting climate change, being utilized to solve the world’s largest health threat, and saving the rainforests.  These are great stories to tell, and we need to work here in New England to promote this beneficial byproduct so that we can catch up to some of the other countries around the world which are already utilizing propane to fight climate change and improve human health. Moving a family from wood to propane not only minimized indoor air pollution, lowers premature deaths, and reduces asthma, but it also eliminated over 1,200 pounds of CO2 each year.  Moving 50 families to propane from wood saves an acre of rainforest each year!

Energy security is another area where propane shines. Propane is the perfect partner for renewables. Commercial and home generators provide energy security in times when electricity is unreliable. As we become more dependent on renewable electricity, propane has an important role to play to provide energy resiliency to the state. But we can’t exist only to fill generators, we also need to reduce carbon emissions by providing efficient propane home heating, on demand water heating, cooking, and clothes drying.

After the last legislative session, it became abundantly clear that we need to reach out and educate state legislators. The best way for them to learn whom their policies affect most directly is to come and see our local businesses. We are family businesses operating in local communities and providing good jobs for our neighbors. Once legislators get to know folks in our industry, it really makes them think differently about policy, especially if we can educate them about how propane is part of the solution to lower emissions. It’s important to have those relationships now more than ever, given the political environment in New England. The facility tour guide has detailed instructions, which will give business leaders the confidence they need to run a tour if they’ve never done it before. We hope members begin scheduling site visits as soon as possible.