FUEL Dealers throughout the State of Maine have always been there to support their customers. You don’t read about people freezingh in their apartments even though it gets below freezing here in Maine. That’s because our members are out servicing the community every single day.

After we released our promo video on Valentine’s Day in 2019, we had customers commenting on how hard-working and accommodating their drivers and technicians are. Songs of praise were communicated that day at how in-tune fuel dealers are with their customer base. It is almost always the drivers who choose the customers that will receive a delivery for Fuel Your Love. It means a lot to us at Maine Energy Marketers Association to show the community how much we CARE about them. It’s not only for that reason. for us this is  as much a way to show the drivers and technicians of our member companies how important their role is in the community. For the drivers, it truly is a day of love and gratitude that they don’t always get to see from their customers. What better way to do that than a campaign such as Fuel Your Love?

It is also a great opportunity to educate the community and potential technicians of the services and job opportunities we provide for the State of Maine. A big thank you to the following companies who made year five of FUEL YOUR LOVE our best year yet!

Eastern Propane & Oil, Colby & Gale, Inc, Everett Propane, Augusta Fuel Company, V.L. Tammaro Oil Co, Waltz and Sons, Frederick Bros. Oil & Propane, Estes Oil & Propane, R.H. Foster, Murray-Heutz Oil and Propane, Dead River, and Maine Energy Inc.

For our ride along this year, MEMA staff hit the road with Augusta Fuel Company and Blake Hayes from Coast 93.1.  As you can tell from the photos, it was a meaningful day filled with much love. If you want to see the movie, you can find it at maineenergyfacts.com or any of the MEMA sites.

Thank you again to all who participated for making this day a huge success. Stay tuned to maineenergymarketers.com/news for more detailed information about the campaigns, the outreach and the success of FUEL YOUR LOVE 2020!

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