MEMA members Deanna Sherman, Dead River; Dave Marcotte, Champagne energy; Charlie Page,

Maritime Energy; Jamie Py, MEMA and Leslie Anderson from PGANE were just a few that rallied against

this bill. The opposition was fierce. Many regular people from all over Maine articulated their distrust of

the electricity plan and their bad experience with Heat Pumps.

The best quote of the Day? From Rep. Grignon (R) Athens  “This bill is a redistribution scam”.


The bill was amended in the committee to become a Study on how to disburse the money when collected. (If a carbon Tax were to pass).

Last Thursday, the Energy and Utilities committee killed the bill completely – there is no study –  with a unanimous ONTP.

However, many more difficult climate related bills that seek to  eliminate petroleum products are on the way as the Legislature is likely to pass CO2 reduction mandates contained in many Climate Change related bills.


LD 88, An Act to Have Truthfulness in Gasoline signs  – Dead

MEMA President Jamie Py testified against this bill which had the potential to costs millions to convenience stores throughout the State as the bill sought to regulate and change roadside and dispenser signs to limit how multiple prices may be shown. A legislator form Rockland was concerned that the discount prices were fooling customers into inadvertently pulling in to a Convenience Store thinking they would pay the lower price but then realizing they had to be a member or also purchase a car wash. Mr. Py pointed out that the affinity plans actually do save customers and the store money through lower transaction costs. And for the car wash, one might save a few dollars on the wash but if the customer did not want the wash, the price was still competitive with the Store across the street so the potential “damage” was perhaps the difference in the street price which are usually within 1 or 2 pennies.


Climate Change Bills today. High on the Democrats and Governors list is to do something about climate change. Notwithstanding Maine’s insignificant contribution to CO2 emissions compared to the US  and the world, the politicians are planning on increasing energy costs and controlling the energy use and production future for Maine.


MEMA testifies against multiple Workers Comp and Paid Leave bills. We also have been testifying with others against these roll backs of the WC reofrms. All bills are bad ideas and will be very costly to employers – and ultimately employees!