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Fuel Your Love

February 12

Since 2016, MEMA has celebrated Valentine’s Day with its Fuel Your Love promotion, which continues to gain more exposure and support throughout the State each year. In 2019 and 2020, the Fuel Your Love campaign reached hundreds of thousands of households across the state via TV stories, news articles and social media sharing. This promotion consistently generates an outpouring of goodwill, helping to create a positive impression of Maine fuel dealers across the State. Last year was the 5th Anniversary and it was important to stick to the tradition, but this year, we feel it’s time to shake the pot a bit!! CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE!
You Spoke and We Listened!!
Based upon your suggestions and comments after last year’s event, MEMA has decided to change things up a bit.
  1. We have decided that instead of doing a single ride along video that we boost on Valentines Day, we will focus our resources and attention on getting each participating company recognized on TV, radio, newspapers, and social media.
  2. Your company will get photos to share on your social media as well as a small 30 second video leading up to the event that will be posted and boosted to a consumer audience as well as news reporters in a jurisdiction of your choice.
  3. This will be a week long event!!
  4. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, we will have all Fuel Your Love drivers deliver on Friday Feb 12th. This will give you ample time to send all your photos and video footage to MEMA to use in a final video that will incorporate ALL participating members. On Valentine’s Day, the video will be posted and boosted on all MEMA’s social media channels.
  5. We want everyone to know who the participating companies are and still drive traffic for consumers to learn more Maine Energy Facts, so we will have a little something for the side of your truck. 🙂
All we ask is that companies, like yours, support the effort by providing a truck and some fuel. We’ll be reaching out to newspapers, TV stations and other media outlets across the state. T
If you’re interested, here is what you’ll need to do:
  • Make a truck available for Friday February 12th, 2021.
  • Select 10-12 customers whose tanks you’ll top off on that day.
  • Provide two drivers to top off tanks.
  • And most importantly, take photos! Lots of photos! And post them to your social media accounts or send them to Jen Grace at jgrace@maineenergymarketers.com!
We understand that things are a bit different this year with COVID. If you are comfortable masking up and surprising your customers with chocolates and flowers as we have done in the past, that’s great! However, times have changed and we encourage you all to get creative in your approach. However you feel is the best way for you to notify your customers of this amazing program is good with us! Some ideas that might work:
  • Recorded phone calls
  • Photos of customers waving out their windows at masked drivers
  • Recorded ZOOM calls ahead of time
  • Masked deliveries as usual
This is a huge opportunity for us to make a major positive statement for Maine’s fuel industry during a time when people need to see positive news in the media!. Let’s take full advantage by working together!
Please let us know ASAP if you want to participate so we can schedule your video interviews. If we do not hear back from you by January 14th, we will not be able to schedule your video shoot.
You can download the Fuel Your Love Guide & Checklist HERE.


February 12


Jennifer Grace