We’ve Got You Covered

MEMA is proud to offer all members exclusive access to selectively organized benefits packages. High quality and competitively priced, our plans help both employees and employers save money while receiving the best care.

Workers’ Compensation Self-Insured Program

Established in 1991, this program has proven to be a quality alternative to the commercial insurance market as evidenced by the $4,800,000 issued in refunds. We strongly encourage every MEMA member to participate in this program, which includes the following benefits:

  • All net profits are returned to members
  • No insurance company overhead or profits
  • No commission fees from agents
  • No premium taxes
  • Lower rates than MEMIC’s standard
  • Dedicated service team, including for loss control, claims, administration and underwriting
  • Participants are involved with and have a say in claims
  • Strong claims oversight
  • Quality safety programs
  • Excess insurance
  • Medical deductibles are available to help reduce premiums

Health Insurance Trust

MEMA medical plans are part of our self-insured Multiple Employer Welfare Association (MEWA). This allows us to design our medical plans to maximize the benefits our members receive as well as manage costs so we can provide competitive health plan premiums.

Why it is good for employers:

  • MEMA medical plans include features not available from commercial medical plans, giving you a competitive edge to attract high-quality employees.
  • As a self-insured plan, our collective efforts and success in managing health care costs benefit our members directly instead of going to an insurance company’s bottom line.

Why it is good for employees:

  • MEMA PPO plans cover 100% of services performed and billed through the doctor’s office after the employee co-pay.
  • Preventive medications are covered at no cost to enrollees on the H.S.A. Plan.
  • MEMAMeds through CanaRx offers enrollees access to a wide range of brand medications at no cost.
  • MEMA’s chronic disease management programs offer unparalleled support to enrollees. (For example, all diabetics are provided with a complimentary glucometer and test strips.)

Meet Sarah

Sarah is MEMA’s dedicated insurance administrator and your contact for all benefits-related questions. Email her today to request more information about our plans at snadeau@maineenergymarketers.com.