Benefits of Membership

It is with our members’ support that we are able to represent industry interests and help local businesses succeed. Here are just some of the many ways we put membership dues to good use:

Watching the PUC

The electric and gas utilities want your customers and are attempting to use the PUC and their monopoly advantage to win them. In the last year alone, MEMA has protected the industry’s interests by:

  1. Stopping a bill designed to allow electric utilities the option to purchase, sell and install heat pumps, bypassing all competitors, which would have reduced oil and propane sales and prevented contractors from making money on heat pump sales.
  2. Intervening in four PUC cases against utilities, successfully limiting their ability to leverage a monopoly competitive advantage.
  3. Beating the proposed increase in gas and tobacco taxes that posed a threat to Southern Maine convenience stores.
  4. Blocking a bill that would have required all contractors to tag, monitor, return and dispose of mercury thermostats.
  5. Saving potentially millions of dollars for convenience store operators by helping to extend the life of USTs by 10 years.

Battling Natural Gas

Despite being outspent 100 to one by the international monopolies in favor of natural gas, MEMA has launched a very successful, statewide defense campaign: Maine Energy Facts (MEF). By utilizing a mixture of fact-based print, social, online and web media, the MEF campaign works to convince the people of Maine to step up and share the reasons why they are sticking with oil or propane, and MEMA is making sure to share those stories in the communities where you live and do business.

Visit to become a part of this project.

Generating Positive PR and Media Attention

MEMA speaks on the industry’s behalf by appearing on dozens of radio shows and TV programs, giving interviews to multiple newspapers and journals and directly addressing government officials, social clubs and local chambers.

Educating the Next Generation of Technicians

MTEC is an HVAC-R technical training facility certified by the Maine State Department of Education and supported by a network of over 300 hiring energy companies throughout Maine and New Hampshire. MTEC programs and operations are overseen by an all-volunteer Education Foundation Committee comprised of business owners and professionals currently working in the industry. The school’s 2,400-square-foot training lab provides a comprehensive learning environment that allows students to work directly with the types of equipment they will see in the field. Courses are taught by master-level instructors, who have over a century of combined industry experience and advocate for students to work with their hands from day one. MTEC currently offers certification and licensing preparation in oilheat, propane, natural gas, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing.

More information about MTEC can be found by visiting, or calling 207-729-5298.

CDL Theory Training

Beginning in November of 2022, MEMA introduced CDL Class B Theory Training, free of charge, as an added Benefit of MEMA Membership.The program is designed to address the real needs of the Liquid Fuels Industry. Each course offering throughout the year will run for one week, and will give members a beneficial resource to allow their drivers to meet classroom qualifications for the CDL exam and road-test, that are required to obtain their CDL Class B license.

The course satisfies the Entry-Level Driver Training Classroom Theory training required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

As of now, MEMA will only be offering the Theory training. It will be up to the MEMA Member to register with the Training Provider Registry(TPR) and complete the Behind-The-Wheel training. For more info on this, or how to get registered, visit Training Provider Registry or call Colleen at (207) 729-5298 or email

By registering with the TPR, MEMA Members have the flexibility to conduct Behind-The-Wheel training at their own discretion.

Each student will finish the course with a Commercial Learner’s Permit. Students will be responsible for the permit application fee of $110.

Providing Membership to the EMA and the NEFI

The Energy Marketers of America (EMA) is our national trade association, located in Washington, D.C., with whom we work on national issues of importance that directly impact Maine’s petroleum marketers and associated businesses.

The New England Fuel Institute (NEFI) is a nationally recognized organization of over 1,100 independent oilheat, propane, biofuel and motor fuel dealers and associated companies. MEMA Board Member Mike Estes is the current chair of the NEFI board. The NEFI Board of Directors is made up in part of New England fuel dealers, and they look to MEMA to designate Maine marketers to represent the state regionally. NEFI is a prominent voice for the industry before regional and federal policy makers, members of the media and the public.

Monitoring Regulatory Changes & Compliance Issues

MEMA is your go-to resource for up-to-the-minute regulatory and compliance affairs. MEMA’s affiliation with EMA and NEFI enables us to be directly involved in federal regulatory and legislative issues with other groups from around the nation. While our primary responsibility is with and for the Maine congressional delegation, we do so in concert with EMA, NEFI and our sister organizations around the country.

Keeping the Industry Informed

MEMA publishes regular newsletters and an annual membership directory in order to provide you with the latest information regarding what’s happening in the state, regional and national petroleum industry that concerns our membership.

Read our assessment of the latest industry news here.

Creating Networking Opportunities

MEMA holds an annual convention that provides members with the opportunity to come together, learn and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Providing Self-Funded Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

Our insurance programs are one of the premier benefits of belonging to the Association. Key to that value is Sarah Nadeau, our dedicated insurance administrator and your personal contact for all benefits-related questions.

For more specifics on the plans available to our membership, click here.

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