LD 2055 – LD 2055 – An Act To Require State Agencies To Use Renewable and Sustainable Energy and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Summary: This bill requires renewable and sustainable energy use and greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and timelines to be established for state agencies by February 1, 2021. Solar panels or similar solar technologies must be considered and included as a method to achieve the targets and timelines as appropriate. The bill requires the Governor’s Energy Office, the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Efficiency Maine Trust, the Department of Administrative and Financial Services and the Department of Transportation to work together to establish these targets and timelines and to submit a biennial progress report to the Governor and the Legislature. Each of these offices and departments, and each other state agency, must designate a sustainability coordinator. The sustainability coordinator is responsible to develop and implement a plan for the agency to meet or exceed the targets and timelines. State agencies are required to procure environmentally preferable products and services as long as certain conditions are met. State agencies are encouraged to adopt and implement practices to decrease waste in the workplace. State agencies are required to account for climate change when siting or designing new state facilities or other construction projects.

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