LD 1532 – LD 1532 An Act To Protect Maine’s Air Quality by Strengthening Requirements for Air Emissions Licensing

Rep. Morales-D This bill repeals the provision that allows the Department of Environmental Protection to grant a variance from ambient air quality standards to a person who owns or is in control of specified sources for which an air emission license was granted. It repeals the provision that prohibits the Commissioner of Environmental Protection from requiring a person to submit more than one copy of ambient monitoring data or meteorological data more frequently than quarterly.
This bill also:
1. Creates new hearing requirements for applications for air emission licenses or renewals;
2. Creates new civil penalties for violation of air emission standards and requires any penalties recovered to be transferred to the municipality where the violation occurred;
3. Prohibits the department from granting a license when certain requirements are not met; and
4. Changes the term of an air emission license to 3 years, except when the term is specified in federal law as a fixed term.
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