LD 1464 – An Act To Support Electrification of Certain Technologies for the Benefit of Maine Consumers and Utility Systems and the Environment

This bill:

1. Amends provisions in the law regarding the conservation programs of the Efficiency Maine Trust by clarifying that conservation programs seek to increase the efficiency with which electricity is used and defining “beneficial electrification” as the electrification of a technology that would otherwise require energy from a fossil fuel that provides a benefit to a utility, a ratepayer or the environment by improving the efficiency of the electricity grid or reducing consumer costs or emissions, including carbon emissions;

2. Requires the Efficiency Maine Trust to conduct a study regarding the barriers to beneficial electrification of the transportation and heating sectors in the State; and

3. Requires the Public Utilities Commission to issue a request for proposals from utilities and entities that are not utilities to conduct a pilot program to support beneficial electrification of the transportation sector of the State.


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