LD 1282 – An Act To Establish a Green New Deal for Maine

Summary: This bill does the following.
Part A requires competitive electricity providers to demonstrate, by 2040, that their portfolios of
supply sources for retail electricity sales in this State are 80% accounted for by renewable
resources. It also amends the State’s goals for long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Part B creates the Task Force for a Green New Deal, which consists of 11 members including
representatives of State Government, climate science, renewable energy, youth, labor and
business. The task force is charged with creating a plan to advance environmental sustainability,
renewable energy and economic growth for the State. The plan must include, but is not limited to, a
renewable resources strategy to achieve 80% reliance on renewable resources for electricity
supply by 2040; a job training strategy, including a training program to prepare workers for green
jobs; and a residential energy strategy that provides incentives for installation of solar energy
systems and heat pumps. The task force is required to submit a report on its plan by January 15,
2020 to the Governor, the Joint Standing Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic
Advancement and Business, the Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology
and the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.
Part C requires the Public Utilities Commission and the Efficiency Maine Trust to submit a report by
January 1, 2020 that includes draft legislation to establish a virtual net metering program to
encourage installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems on public school buildings.
Part D creates the Commission on a Just Transition to a Low-carbon Economy. The commission
includes 13 members. The purpose of the commission is to ensure that the State’s transition to a
low-carbon economy benefits all residents fairly and equitably. The commission is required to
submit an annual report to the Legislature.

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