LD 13 – An Act To Allow Microgrids That Are in the Public Interest

Summary: This bill directs the Public Utilities Commission to approve a petition to construct and
operate a new microgrid if the commission finds the proposal to be in the public interest and the
new microgrid meets other specified requirements. It provides the commission with the ability to
impose such terms, conditions or requirements as, in its judgment, it considers necessary in
approving a new microgrid and also gives the commission oversight to ensure reliability and
security of the electrical system and consumer protections for new microgrid consumers. It
specifies that a new microgrid does not become a public utility as a result of its furnishing electrical
service to participating consumers. It provides that a new microgrid that has been approved by the
commission may construct, maintain or operate its lines in, upon, along, over, across or under the
roads and streets. The bill directs the Public Utilities Commission to submit a report to the joint
standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over energy and utility matters by January
15, 2021.

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