LD 1881 – LD 1881 – An Act Regarding Utility-related Fees

Summary: This bill requires the Public Utilities Commission to report annually to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over public utilities matters on any utility-related fees and penalties that have not been adjusted in the previous 5 years and to submit legislation to adjust each utility-related fee or penalty based on the Consumer Price Index. The commission is also required to submit legislation to the First Regular Session of the 130th Legislature to adjust all fees and penalties paid by public utilities based on the actuarially compounded Consumer Price Index for each fee or penalty since enactment.

The bill also requires the commission and the Public Advocate, beginning in 2021, to annually review their expenses relating to all consumer-owned public utilities and expenses relating to all investor-owned public utilities over the past year, determine the average regulatory cost per customer per year for all consumer-owned public utilities and all investor-owned public utilities in each utility industry and amend their rules or introduce legislation to address a significant discrepancy in the average regulatory costs.

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