LD 528 – LD 528 An Act To Advance Energy Storage in Maine

Sen. Vitelli-D This bill:
1.  Establishes a state goal for energy storage system development of 100 megawatts of installed capacity located within the State by December 31, 2025;
2.  Amends the laws governing the Efficiency Maine Trust to ensure that the trust’s authority explicitly and affirmatively includes energy storage by adding direct references to energy storage in relevant sections of statute; directs the trust to consider expanding opportunities to use energy storage to reduce peak electricity demand; and directs the trust to explore alternative methods to demonstrate cost-effectiveness for energy storage projects or programs; and
3.  Directs the Public Utilities Commission to investigate opportunities to modernize transmission and distribution utility rate designs through time-of-use or other time-differentiated rates; develop and implement a pilot program to test and evaluate time-of-use rates in conjunction with energy storage; and develop and implement a schedule for regular review and update of rate designs and ensure that the review includes consideration of time-differentiated rates.
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