Arlington, Virginia., June 15, 2021 – Patriot Capital and the Energy Marketers of America (EMA), formerly known as the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), have partnered to help marketers and their dealers across the United States achieve EMV compliance.

The partnership will ensure that capital is available, competitively priced, and easy to access for marketers and their dealers.

Patriot Capital President Chris Santy said, “Now that the EMV deadline has passed and chargebacks are becoming a reality, our new program with EMA will enable marketers and their dealers to protect their business from fraudulent actions by upgrading their equipment. Our capital will help make the process cost-effective and exceedingly easy for marketers and dealers nationwide. Additionally, when EMA State and Regional Association members and their customers apply through the EMA on-line portal, Patriot will contribute to both the state association and EMA to support the industry.”

This joint effort from Patriot Capital and EMA is designed to assist Marketers with EMV compliance and additional site upgrades, which will improve Marketers’ and dealers’ sites, and increase sales.

EMA President Rob Underwood said, “Supporting the continued success of our members is a top priority for EMA and we are excited about the partnership we have formed with Patriot Capital to help our members achieve EMV compliance.”

EMA Chair Aaron Littlefield added, “It is urgent that our industry complete the necessary upgrades to become EMV compliant as soon as possible. I was thrilled we were able to partner with Patriot Capital that not only supports the upgrade effort within our industry but at the same time support these indispensable national, state, and regional trade associations.”

“The work EMA and their Member State Associations do is vital to its members and our whole industry. We are proud to be able to partner with them and support the critical work they do every day while helping their members achieve EMV compliance,” added Santy.

For more information, or to apply for the promotion, interested parties should visit:

About Patriot Capital

Patriot Capital has been delivering fast and affordable business equipment financing solutions to the convenience store and commercial petroleum industry since October 2000.
In addition to financing dispensers, POS systems, canopies, signage, EV charging stations, and car washes, Patriot Capital can finance any equipment inside the store.

About the Energy Marketers of America

The Energy Marketers of America (EMA), formerly known as the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), is a federation of 47 state and regional trade associations representing energy marketers throughout the United States. EMA members supply 80 percent of all finished motor and heating fuel products sold nationwide including renewable hydrocarbon biofuels, gasoline, diesel fuel, biofuels, heating fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, racing fuel and lubricating oils. Moreover, energy marketers represented by EMA own and operate approximately 60,000 retail fuel stations nationwide and supply heating fuel to more than 5 million homes and businesses.