MEMA Technical Bulletins


The Maine Energy Marketers Association is pleased to publish the following Technical Bulletins as a service to its membership. The bulletins listed here are updated from time to time, as we see it as one of our responsibilities to provide consistently useful and timely information to our members. Simply click on the link [ex. below = TB#1 Hazard Communications] and the technical bulletin you have chosen will appear. Then you may either "save" that bulletin to your own computer by using the " as..." feature, or simply click on the "print" button on your web browser to print the bulletin to your own printer.


Many of the documents here are in ".pdf" format, or Adobe Acrobat. This is to make viewing the files easier and printing easier and more uniform. Click here, install an Acrobat reader on your computer, then you'll be able to see and print these files.



TB#1.1. Hazard Communications


This bulletin outlines OSHA regulations in establishing worker hazard communications programs and Material Safety Data Sheet notices to commercial accounts.


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TB#2.6. Aboveground Rules


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine Fire Marshal and Federal requirements in establishing aboveground petroleum storage facilities, including drafts of U.S. EPA-required Spill Control and Containment Plans.


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TB#3.4. Ozone Control Rules


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine DEP-Air Bureau regulations as those regulations pertain to controlling ozone emissions in petroleum storage and petroleum transportation.


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TB#4.1 Air Conditioner Service


This bulletin outlines the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (federal) concerning the maintenance of air conditioners and the handling of refrigerant.


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TB#5.4. HazMat Transport


This bulletin outlines all the facets of Federal and State of Maine rules governing the transportation of hazardous materials, driver requirements, and all portions of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.


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TB#6.5. Underground Tank Laws


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine underground tank law, the mandatory bare steel tank removal schedule, loan availability from FAME and MSHA, etc.


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TB#7. Benzene


This bulletin outlines the requirements of 29 CFR 1910 under OSHA regulations regarding employee benzene exposure, testing of employees for the exposure, and for controlling benzene exposure.


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TB#8.1. Brake Inspector Qualifications


This bulletin outlines the Department of Transportation requirements placed on individuals who inspect their own brakes.


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TB#9.2. Gasoline-Heating Oil Marketing Issues


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine laws governing pump-top price signs on motor fuel dispensers, requirements to provide handicapped service, and Attorney-General notice requirements for the purchase of gasoline stations and heating oil companies.


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TB#10.4. Hazardous Chemical Inventory Registration


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine and Federal rules under SARA Title III, and gives step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the various forms involved in facility registration. If you store 1,500 or more gallons, this regulation applies to you.


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TB#11. Complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act


This bulletin enables businesses to understand their responsibilities under this law, specifically aimed at protecting the rights of the disabled as employees and as customers.


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TB#12.3. HazMat Transporter Registration


This bulletin outlines the requirements for hazardous materials transporters to provide annual registration and fees to the U.S. DOT.


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TB#13.1. HazMat Training Required By HM-126F


This bulletin outlines the requirements to provide training to hazmat employees under U.S. DOT regulation HM-126F, and includes a 3 hour videotape to aid in accomplishing the training. For sale at $49.95 per set.


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TB#14.1. Corporate Liability for Heating Oil Tank Failures


This bulletin discusses corporate liability for heating oil tank failures.


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TB#15. US D.O.T. Rules on Safety Ratings


This bulletin allows marketers who operate in interstate commerce to achieve the necessary US D.O.T. safety rating in order to operate legally.


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TB#16.9. Drug and Alcohol Testing for Truck Drivers


This bulletin covers regulations pertaining to drug and alcohol testing of truck drivers, a model corporate drug and alcohol policy, and recommended testing services for member companies.


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TB#17.13. Federal and State Excise Taxes


This bulletin consolidates federal and state excise tax information and forms into one comprehensive booklet.


Appendix B - Federal Forms

Appendix F


Appendices A, C, D & E are not yet available online.


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TB#18.1. Home Construction Contracts Law


This bulletin outlines the State of Maine law which requires written contracts for heating system service work.


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TB#19. Federal Heating Oil Driver Hours of Service Pilot Program


This bulletin contains information and application to participate in the three-year pilot program for hours of service flexibility for local heating oil delivery drivers run by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


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TB#20.8. Maine's Oil Tank Insurance Fund


This bulletin outlines the construction, operation and funding of the Maine ust/ast insurance fund.


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TB#21.9. Major Regulatory Compliance Dates


This bulletin outlines all major regulatory compliance deadlines for petroleum marketers.


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TB#22.7. Emergency Response


This bulletin outlines requirements for shipping papers, emergency response information and 24 hour response. This is a federal requirement on all hazmat transporters.


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TB#23. Maine's Abandoned Property Law


This bulletin explains Maine's Abandoned Property Law, how it effects heating oil and propane dealers, and reporting requirements to the Maine State Treasurer.


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TB#24. Natural Gas Deregulation and Business Opportunities


This bulletin outlines the recent federal regulatory developments in the deregulation of the natural gas industry and illustrates how many petroleum marketers may enter this field and bring true competition to the natural gas business.


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TB#25. Affirmative Action Plans for Federal Contractors


This bulletin outlines the basic requirements for an affirmative action plan for any petroleum marketer required to file an affirmative action plan in the bid for supplying a federal contract.


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TB#26. Maine Attorney General Winter Heating Rules


This bulletin provides the rules governing the sale of heating oil between October and April each year as those rules relate to customers who may owe marketers for previous deliveries, and for minimum delivery requirements as well as delivery surcharges.


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TB#27. U.S. EPA Propane Risk Management Plans


This bulletin provides the rules governing the implementation of a risk management plan for propane facilities, as well as provides a template document for you to copy or follow in filling out your necessary propane risk management plans.